MayDay is a celebration of community, a wild day of connecting with our friends and neighbors. This year we received generous funding from VSA Minnesota to bolster our work to make MayDay accessible to everyone.

YOU are welcome at MayDay and we hope you'll join us throughout the build process and on parade day, May 5th!

If you have ideas or other needs please be in touch with our Accessibility Coordinator, Candida, who can be reached at [email protected]

We look forward to celebrating the 45th MayDay with you!



HOBT has made changes this year in an effort to make workshops more accessible for those in wheelchairs and with mobility needs!

  • A staff member dedicated to accessibility needs will be present at every workshop. This person will be wearing a nametag with the title “Accessibility Assistance”. You can ask any staff member or artist and they can locate this person if you can’t find them!
  • Two aisles down the theater in the main workshop area will be designated as access aisles and will be cleared for better wheelchair access in the theater.
  • There is one accessible restroom in the theater. A passage to the restroom will be kept clear to allow easy wheelchair access.
  • One table in the front lobby will be designated as workspace for people with accessibility needs.


  • Accessible Seating:
    • Both sides of 15th Avenue between 34th street and the park entrance will be designated as ADA seating only
    • South side of 34th Avenue between Bloomington and 15th Avenue
  • Parade enters at 15th at the parking lot entry and proceeds up the walkway to the ceremony site, down the hill from the parking lot on tenth
    2:30-3p - end of the Parade - parking lot entrance and walkway will be traffic heavy with large puppets, artists heading to the Ceremony site and audience dispersing and heading into the park


  • Accessible seating:
    • we will have accessible seating on both sides of the Ceremony stage and seats at each of the entertainment stages
  • ASL & Audio interpretation available
  • Congestion Notes:
    • 3pm-4pm: Area around the ceremony site will be full of spectators witnessing the Tree of Life Ceremony. It will be difficult to access the path in that area. If you need to use the passage to get to the other side, Festival security and volunteers will assist you in navigating traffic
  • Accessible/Handicapped Parking zones:
    • 33rd and 14th (to be placed along on north side of 33rd between 13th and 14th)
    • 15th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets
  • Locations for the Accessible drop off points:
    • General Drop Zone: 35th between 11th and 12th Avenues
    • Access Drop Zone 1: 14th Ave between 33rd and 33 1/2 Street (dead end leading into the park)
    • Access Drop Zone 2: Parking Lot Entrance - after the Parade
Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 11.30.09 AM


  • Accessible seating:
    • we will have accessible seating on both sides of the Ceremony stage and seats at each of the entertainment stages
  • A 4 passenger golf cart will shuttle those in need of a ride between the Park building and the Resource Fair entrance
  • The Park Building may be used for accessibility needs  bathrooming/feeding needs requiring fresh water access and/or electricity
  • Sensory Tents available throughout the park, see map on page

Please let us know any thoughts/questions/concerns! Email [email protected]


If you need assistance on MayDay look for volunteers in Blue shirts with Accessibility buttons.