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In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre is made possible by YOUR donations!

Whether you give in support of MayDay, the Education Program or simply because you love In the Heart of the Beast: THANK YOU for your generous support! If you'd like to be an active supporter of our programming here at In the Heart of the Beast, please consider making a donation by making a gift online (see below), or by mailing a check to HOBT, 1500 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55407.


*HOBT is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for supporting In the Heart of the Beast Theatre's 44th Annual MayDay Parade and Festival!

A record-breaking 60,000 people joined us on May 6 to celebrate HOBT's 44th MayDay Parade, Ceremony and Festival. Fifteen inches of mid-April snow melted, the ice cleared from the lake just a week before the event, and it was a beautiful day. More than 1500 people put in up to a quarter million hours of time to make MayDay possible.

The finances of HOBT's MayDay are a bit like farming. HOBT invests up front in the artists and infrastructure with faith that neighbors will support us once again and continue to make MayDay possible. And, like a farmer, we can't predict the weather. We don't know how much of that financial investment will return to us until after MayDay is over and it's time to count the beans. Last year, in 2017, MayDay broke even financially.

In 2018, HOBT invested $200,000 in MayDay, and $130,000 of that came back to us. And so we are coming to the end of our fiscal year in August with a $70,000 hole to fill.

MayDay is intended as a gift to community, from community. HOBT cannot do more than the community is willing to support. It's not too late to make yourself a part (or a bigger part) of the community that makes MayDay possible.

All photos by Max Haynes

THANK YOU to our funders and friends!

Many thanks to the hundreds of individuals who have joined Heartbeats, made monthly sustaining gifts, made Give to the Max donations, and contributed time and resources to support HOBT programming this year. The Board, Staff, Artists and Volunteers sincerely THANK YOU for your continuing generosity.

  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Minnesota State Arts Board – Operating Support
  • Minnesota State Arts Board – Arts Access Program
  • Jerome Foundation
  • McKnight Foundation
  • Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
  • HRK Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Community Foundation
  • Still Ain’t Satisfied
  • Target
  • Fidelity Charitable Funds
  • Community Shares of Minnesota
  • Troutman-Blumenshine Family Fund
  • Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund
  • Phoebe and Maureen Trepp – Minnesota Community Foundation
  • Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association Inc.
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
  • One Minneapolis Fund

Become a Heartbeats Donor!

What is Heartbeats?

Heartbeats is a monthly sustaining donation that provides a reliable financial base that allows us to continue our work with the community.

What are the advantages of Heartbeats?

PAPERLESS! If you become a Heartbeats donor, you can choose to no longer receive our paper appeal mailings! You will receive one statement in January with a summary of your giving history for tax purposes (and your annual magnet).

Smaller monthly contributions! Do you normally give $100 a year? Break that down to a manageable $9 a month donation and you have hit your $100 mark (actually its $108, for you math geniuses out there!). This is a great way to make your donations more financially manageable!

Free tickets to Heart of the Beast Shows! Every Heartbeats donor will be entered into a monthly drawing for two free tickets to any Heart of the Beast show. These tickets will not expire, so you can use them anytime, for any show!