MayDay Parade

The MayDay Parade, Ceremony and Festival are free, but donations are gratefully accepted at the event. Prefer to donate now? DONATE

The 2019 MayDay Parade, Ceremony, and Festival will be on Sunday, May 5th!

There are three parts to our MayDay event: the Parade, the Tree of Life Ceremony, and a Festival in Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis until dusk.

Every spring, the MayDay Parade explodes onto Bloomington Avenue! We own the street for the day, dancing and playing instruments with fiery verve. We tell our story, section by section, each designed musically and visually by MayDay staff artists as a walking theatrical performance. The Join In Section follows, where community groups proclaim their names and causes. All together, 2000 participants march, boogie or roll down Bloomington every year!

Meanwhile, tens of thousands more line the streets, enjoying the spectacle and each other. People are everywhere - on rooftops and on lawns, toting babies in backpacks and toddlers in wagons, or sitting knee to knee along on the curbs. Everybody greets neighbors from near and far with a "Happy MayDay!!" The city feels intimate, overflowing with goodwill and spring fever.

Are you interested in participating?

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MayDay Parade Route · assemble at 11am, starts at noon

MayDay pig photo by Mark Wojahn
photo by Mark Wojahn
HOBT MayDay Parade 2012