Join the HOBT Board of Directors

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater is seeking new members to join our Board of Directors.

What does being a Board Member mean?

As a Board Member, you would be part of a team that steers the organization: tracking the inner workings of the Theater, ensuring its work is in alignment with its mission, and keeping the organization financially healthy and strong.  We meet once a month as a full board, usually on the first Thursday evening of each month.  Board members are asked to join a committee. Different committees meet once a month or every other month.

At this time, our organization is in the midst of deep structural changes.  In joining the Board of Directors, you would be part of a team that is guiding and supervising this transformation as HOBT reimagines itself into a form that better serves all of our communities.

Demographics and Representation:

HOBT understands that nearly all-white leadership is unacceptable in an organization with a mission to bring people together for the common good and based in neighborhoods where people of color make up a majority of the population.

By having a larger cohort of IBPOC Board members join, we hope to avoid issues of tokenization (expecting one person to represent a whole community).  We expect to reform our meeting-culture and practices into ones that support all members.

What skills do I need to be on the board?

The biggest thing you bring is yourself -- your perspectives, experiences, and insights are the most valuable part of this team.  The more diverse we are, the more we can act with alignment and connection to our communities.

Some helpful skills for Board service include long-range planning, finances, human resources, fundraising, marketing, or experience in the legal field.  If being on a board is new to you, that’s fine. We include training and mentorship as part of our new-Board-member-support. Most of all we are looking for members with a passion for supporting community art and improving our neighborhood through the work we do.

I’m interested, but I don’t think I can afford to volunteer this much time.

Talk to us!  We are looking into ways to increase access regardless of income-level, parenthood, transportation, or other barriers.  For now we offer call-in and video conferencing for meetings as well as board-provided meals.  

Ok, I think I’m ready for a next step.  What do I do?

Fill out this form with your contact info and a few short questions.  We’ll follow up with you to set up a one-to-one interview with one of our current Board Members.  If you know someone on the board, you can ask for that person to be your interviewer.  If for any reason you’re having trouble with the form, please contact us at [email protected].  Applications are accepted year-round.



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[Image Description: Four white people dressed as clowns, holding yellow buckets, instruments, and a colorful umbrella.]



[Image Description: Two white people dressed as clowns. One is holding a blue, white and yellow, umbrella that has Donation Station written on it in red. They are both holding yellow buckets with May Day Contributions written on it.]