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In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT) brings people together for the common good through the power of puppet and mask performance.

What’s happening at HOBT?

So much! This is an exciting time for the organization. In joining the Board of Directors, you would be part of a team that is imagining, guiding and supervising this transformation as HOBT reimagines itself into a form that better serves all of our communities.

In 2019 HOBT began a process of transforming the MayDay Parade, HOBT’s. largest annual art event, through forming the intergenerational and multi-racial MayDay Council. This group has been focused for the past 2 years on developing the groundwork for the next phase of MayDay. The board and staff have committed to following the direction and designs put forth by the MayDay Council.  In 2022, we had our first re-imagined MayDay with 3 core community partners.  

Internally, on the staff and board, we’re engaged in deep restructuring. We are beginning the process of hiring a new permanent Executive Director and choosing patterns of horizontal power-sharing, rather than hierarchical models of leadership. More about these changes can be found here:

This summer, Heart of the Beast will produce our first major puppet and mask performance since 2018, The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction, by Junauda Petrus-Nasah. More about the show can be found here:

Skills or experience we are seeking in a new board member:

The biggest thing you bring is yourself -- your perspectives, experiences, and insights are the most valuable part of this team. The more diverse we are, the more we can act with alignment and connection to our communities. Some helpful skills for board service include community connections, long-range planning, finances, human resources, fundraising, marketing, or experience in the legal field. If being on a board is new to you, that’s fine. We include training and mentorship as part of our new-Board-member-support. Most of all we are looking for members with a passion for supporting community art and investing in our neighborhood through the work we do.

Requirements of the new board member:

We welcome people with previous board experience and those new to serving on boards. While not required, we highly recommend all new board members attend Propel's Board Fundamentals training. We also provide orientation, a board buddy program, and ongoing shared learning opportunities particularly around our commitments to dismantling white supremacy and creating ongoing shared learning opportunities.  We are committed to studying patterns of white supremacy culture, and creating new ways to meet, make decisions, and guide the organization towards great equity and justice.

Board's primary functions:

As a Board Member, you would be part of a team that steers the organization: tracking the inner workings of the Theatre, ensuring its work is in alignment with its mission, building relationships, fundraising, and keeping the organization financially healthy and strong. We meet once a month as a full board, usually on the third Tuesday evening of each month. Board members also serve on one committees that typically meet once a month.

What is the board-culture like?

We are currently doing hybrid meetings (in-person and zoom options).  Meetings are informal in tone but packed full of things to discuss and decide. In this transformation phase, we’ve all had to be very flexible to respond to these changes and guide the organization toward its best path. We don’t use “Robert’s Rules” and instead use a “Fist of 5” temperature checks before any vote, and use consensus-process with major decisions. Everyone’s voice is heard and respected. This is an active, working board, with 4 standing committees: Executive Committee, Governance Committee, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs. Each board member joins one of these committees and you’d be working in these smaller groups to get the many pieces of work done. We welcome healthy boundaries, encouraging members to take care of your health and family first. Members take breaks, step up as they are able and step back when that’s needed.

What’s the time-commitment?

There’s one full board meeting on the third Tuesday evening of the month from 5:45pm - 8pm. We currently have hybrid meetings with the Avalon theater as the in-person location and a virtual option via zoom.  Board members should also plan to spend about 40 minutes ahead of the monthly meeting to read the “Board Packet” which includes the agenda, committee reports, and other info like financial statements.  

There are 4 different board committees and each board member serves on one committee.  Committees meet once a month, for 1-2 hours. Additional time depends on what you are able to volunteer to do and there are often special initiatives or projects that involve additional time from board members.

I’m interested, but I don’t think I can afford to volunteer this much time.

The board recently approved a Board Accessibility Justice Fund to provide an annual stipend to board members requiring financial assistance. This stipend is meant to address historical injustices resulting from systemic white supremacy; and to increase equitable and diverse board participation.

Is there a financial gift required of board members?

Contributions to the mission of In the Heart of the Beast come in all forms - time, connections, skills, and money (to name a few).  Individual board members are not expected to make a personal donation to HOBT but fundraising is a responsibility of all board members and there are opportunities to support fundraising efforts through specific fundraising campaigns and/or through board-directed fundraising.

How long is a board service term?

2 years. You can serve up to 3 terms, for a total of 6 years. Every 2 years, you can decide if you’d like to recommit to staying on the board.  Board members are elected twice a year to begin their service in either January or July.

Who else is on the board?

Bios of all board members are HERE. The board is committed to a goal of 50% BIPOC members. (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).

I’m interested, what are my next steps?

That’s awesome!  Fill out the board interest form with your contact info and respond to a few short questions, click below to apply.

We’ll follow up with you to set up one-to-one interviews with two of our current board members.  These conversations are low-key and designed to learn more about your interest and share more about what it means to be on the HOBT board. 

If you’re having trouble with the form, please contact us at [email protected].  Interest forms are accepted year round but new board members are onboarding twice yearly - January and July.


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