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Image Description: Malia Araki Burkhart, Nurture, 2022. This painting displays two people with hands outstretched towards each other. In between them is soil and green plants growing, a cloud with a heart at the center rains down on the plants. The painting reads "Nurture."

We have a new mission, vision, and values statement. Check them out below!

Our Annual Report

heart of the Beast Photo cred Uche Iroegbu
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Since 1973, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre has helped to create and cultivate the puppetry community in the Twin Cities. We are a world-renowned theater recognized for our large scale puppets and political activism. For almost 50 years, we have brought some of the most talented puppeteers to Minneapolis while maintaining a strong connection to the local puppet community. In 2022, we embarked on a strategic planning process. We honor what we have accomplished and are we excited to carry the work forward.

Click Below to view our Fiscal Year 2022 annual report and learn what we are planning for the future

Image Descriptions: Three photos. The first shows performers and puppeteers in a chase scene in the Impact Theory of Mass Extinction by Junauda Petrus-Nasah, photo by Uche Iroegbu. The second photo shows three kids playing in a fountain with a colorful puppet crafted by Gustavo Boada outside of the MN Orchestra. The third photo features a turtle puppet on a bicycle by Gustavo Boada, riding around the MayDay Festival, photo by Spencer Joles.

MayDay Released - Learn More

Meet the MayDay Council: meet the MayDay Council who will partner with HOBT in designing a new approach to the planning and production of future MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, and collaboration.  Learn More...