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Upcoming Events

MayDay Build Workshops

Help build the puppets for the MayDay Parade! During the month of April, our building is transformed into a giant studio where staff artists and volunteers create the MayDay Parade.

From Saturday, April 7 - Thursday, May 3, 2018, MayDay Build Workshops are held:

Every Tuesday from 7-9pm*
Every Thursday from 7-9pm
Every Saturday from 9-11am and 1-3pm

Volunteer for MayDay!

On the first Sunday of May, tens of thousands of folks will celebrate a day of community and festivity together. All this takes place because - and only because - hundreds of volunteers pitch in to make it happen.

We offer group volunteer opportunities for individuals, churches, civic organizations, and businesses! 

Please donate to support MayDay!

In 1975, HOBT's first MayDay was a gift to the community that was shared by just a few hundred neighbors. Last year, HOBT shared that gift with a record-setting 55,000 people.

The 2018 budget for this exuberant celebration is just over $200,000. We need your help to fill a $38,000 gap to ensure MayDay remains healthy and resilient. Your gift supporting MayDay is a gift to your community.

March Puppet Cabaret!

An evening of new, short, experimental, weird, borderline ‘artistic’ puppet acts from Twin Cities artists with live music and booze. Anything could happen in these late-night, low brow evenings MCd by Akiko Ostlund and Dhann Polnau. As always, when puppets are involved, adult content may arise.

Meet Our Associate Artists: we are fortunate to work with a circle of radiant Associate Artists who both inspire and carry out the many programs and projects of our theatre. Learn More...