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We are thrilled about the future of Heart of the Beast (HOBT) and are eager to share with you the reasons why:
  •  HOBT Board & Staff have just completed a 3-year Strategic Plan that will serve as a blueprint for the future direction of the organization.


  • The Avalon Theatre is being refreshed with a major clean-up of spaces to serve artists and administrative staff after two years of remote work and virtual-only programming


  • We will launch a one of a kind Puppet and Mask Library to be housed at the Avalon this winter


  • Artists will be commissioned for participation in a Puppet Fashion Show to take place on the Avalon Stage in early Spring


  • The public will have the chance to learn and participate in puppet arts through upcoming workshops and classes. More opportunities for teaching artists will occur in collaboration with community partners.

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To nurture creative empowerment through the joy and magic of puppetry performance and education.

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Image Description: Malia Araki Burkhart, Nurture, 2022. This painting displays two people with hands outstretched towards each other. In between them is soil and green plants growing, a cloud with a heart at the center rains down on the plants. The painting is framed with black and reads "Nurture."

A Look Back: More JOY in 2022

Image Description: A slideshow of five photos. Photo #1 shows three bee puppets running in the Walker Sculpture Garden taken by Carina Lofgren, courtesy of the Walker Art Center. Photo #2 shows 4 high school students paper mache-ing a dragon head inside Henry High's auditorium. Photo #3 shows puppeteers in The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction engaged in a chase scene using colorful table top puppetry. Photo #4 shows Impact Theory puppeteers on stage carrying purple and green leaves on sticks, lunging forward (both by Uche Iroegbu). Photo #5 depicts HOBT giant yellow bird puppets inside the rotunda of the capitol at a rally. Photo #6 shows the Medicine Woman puppet Mojiganga in the 2022 mayday crowd made by Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue, El Colegio students, and Gustavo Boada.


  • The 2022 MayDay Festival artfully transitioned into local community celebrations fusing HOBT values of deep listening, access, inclusion, and self-determination—over 4,000 community members participated


  •  Our full production of Junauda Petrus-Nasah’s The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction drew nearly 1,000 delighted patrons to the Avalon, and employed 16 established and emerging artists of diverse identities


  • Artist collaborations with the Minnesota Orchestra, Walker Art Center, and MIA and residencies at schools and community partners.

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Meet the MayDay Council: meet the MayDay Council who will partner with HOBT in designing a new approach to the planning and production of future MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, and collaboration.  Learn More...