Coming Soon: The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction


[Image Description: Text reads "THE IMPACT THEORY OF MASS EXTINCTION by Junauda Petrus-Nasah February 17-27, 2022, Tickets on sale January 2022 at" A blue triceratops appears with a green pterodactyl flying overhead clutching the HOBT logo. A green and orange plated stegosaurus smiles behind a purple brachiosaurus.]

This February HOBT will produce The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction, a puppet and mask production by Junauda Petrus-Nasah. Impact Theory tells the story of two black, queer, teens who discover dinosaur bones in their South Minneapolis neighborhood and  get sucked through a prehistoric portal!

This production will be born from the skills of local artists with diverse expertise: shadow, table top, and large-scale puppet builders; mask makers; musicians; puppeteers; filmmakers; and actors.

We cannot wait to share this new work with you! To support this puppet production and ones like it you can make a donation to HOBT!

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