In the Heart of the Beast

Puppet and Mask Theatre

Upcoming Events

A Puppet Walks into a Bar...

In the Heart of the Beast is getting a bar in the lobby! Join us as we celebrate this new addition to the space.

January 13: Free live music and HOBT movies projected on the walls of the lobby.
January 20: A mini Puppet Cabaret curated by Akiko Ostlund and Ackerman.

Make Believe Neighborhood

Coming in February!
Make Believe Neighborhood celebrates Mr. Rogers and the ordinary people who do extra-ordinary work to make our own South Minneapolis neighborhood a brighter, healthier, friendlier place. Join us as we explore Fred Rogers' amazing life as an advocate for children, an artist, a friend, a peace activist, and everyday person. At the same time, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the neighbors who have made our community what it is today

Ta-Da! Saturday Matinees Jan 6 - March 10, 2018

Our popular series of puppet shows for kids and families is back for the 19th year! Each Saturday, we feature a new story from around the world performed by our Associate Artists and friends in our cozy lobby. 

2018 Wall Calendars!

HOBT calendars are back for a second year, this time with a theme of giving thanks to the Water.

$13 or 5 for $55! Proceeds go towards supporting In the Heart of the Beast programming. After HOBT covers costs, 10% of proceeds will be donated to local water advocacy initiatives

Meet Our Associate Artists: we are fortunate to work with a circle of radiant Associate Artists who both inspire and carry out the many programs and projects of our theatre. Learn More...