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Check out our HOBT in community page to see what some of our collaborations with community and other arts organizations over this past year have looked like.

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HOBT brings people together for the common good through the power of puppet and mask performance. Local artists drive our work. Make a donation. Support our community’s artists.

A Look Back: MayDay 2022 Mini Doc

We interviewed MayDay Council members, teachers, young people, and artists about their experiences making MayDay 2022 celebrations. This mini doc offers one window into the work and process.
*Closed Captions Available*
Image Description: A youtube video still shows a teen in an art room with a yellow felt puppet.
Videography and editing by Yanimadeit Productions & Some additional videography by Zephyr Sheedy & MCN6
Meet the MayDay Council: meet the MayDay Council who will partner with HOBT in designing a new approach to the planning and production of future MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, and collaboration.  Learn More...