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Thank you for another year of working together!

Thank you for another year of working together to imagine and enact the world we want to pass on to the children. 

Let us believe that peace, joy, and love can and will flourish, bringing health to the whole world.

"Water Connects Us All" exhibit at Hennepin Gallery

"Water Connects Us All" includes 2 and 3 dimensional sculptures arranged in vignettes, and features puppets from HOBT. Each element is connected with a simple narrative, written in various languages, designed to draw the viewer into deeper considerations of their own relationship to water and our own best humanity in protecting our water.

2018 Wall Calendars!

HOBT calendars are back for a second year, this time with a theme of giving thanks to the Water.

$13 or 5 for $55! Proceeds go towards supporting In the Heart of the Beast programming. After HOBT covers costs, 10% of proceeds will be donated to local water advocacy initiatives

Make Believe Neighborhood

Coming in February!
Make Believe Neighborhood celebrates Mr. Rogers and the ordinary people who do extra-ordinary work to make our own South Minneapolis neighborhood a brighter, healthier, friendlier place. Join us as we explore Fred Rogers' amazing life as an advocate for children, an artist, a friend, a peace activist, and everyday person. At the same time, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the neighbors who have made our community what it is today
Meet Our Associate Artists: we are fortunate to work with a circle of radiant Associate Artists who both inspire and carry out the many programs and projects of our theatre. Learn More...