Image Description: a banner with a photo of multicolor fabrics and overlaid pink text that reads "Puppet Fashion Show" with HOBT hand logos hiding in the letters.

Puppet Fashion Show

About the Puppet Fashion Show

*Applications Closed*

HOBT is excited to present 'Puppet Fashion Show' an evening of fashion themed mini puppet performances at the Avalon.

Puppetry is the art of breathing life into an inanimate object. So, whether artists are projecting shadow puppets onto a flowing dress, wearing a fancy hat that has a toy theater hidden inside of it, or making a marionette perform quick outfit changes, the idea of the Puppet Fashion show is to take materials like clothes, fur, fabric, trash, and bring them to life.

The show will be structured like a puppet cabaret but with the specific theme of a fashion runway. Instead of simply displaying the fashion or walking the runway, artists will be puppet-ing their pieces, with the collection telling some kind of story.

Fabulous MCs will host and musicians will provide additional entertainment. See you there!

Projected Show Dates:

Thursday, April 13, 7:30pm

Friday, April 14, 7:30pm

Saturday, April 15, 7:30pm

Sunday, April 16, 7:30pm


Tickets not yet available!


Any questions regarding Puppet Fashion Show, please reach out to Steve Ackerman, [email protected]


Image Description: A pink square with a green puppet wearing a hat and feather boa and text that reads "Puppet Fashion Show."Graphic by Finley Anderson-Newton.