Mission, Vision & Values


In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre nurtures creative empowerment through the joy and magic of puppetry performance and education.


HOBT envisions a world where people thrive through welcoming, accessible, and transformational opportunities in the art of puppet-making and performance.


Image Descriptions: Two photos. The first photo shows three colorful angel puppets towering over a crowd in front of the global market in celebration. Each puppets’ crown displays different animals and symbols. These puppets were crafted by Sandy Spieler along with the labor of many other loving hands. the second shows a photo of a puppeteer outside the MN orchestra, kneeling down in a shallow fountain, animating a blue, green, and yellow, puppet-creature symbolizing water, made by Gustavo Boada. Three children touch the puppet-creature.


Limitless Imagination 

We open our doors to the expansive and diverse communities that surround us, and center artists in our decisions, process, and plans. We promote creativity as a tool in the movements for social and environmental justice.

"Anyone can be a puppeteer; anything can be a puppet; with puppetry you can do anything." --Daniel Polnau

Embracing the Mess

Creating puppetry often involves getting messy. We roll up our sleeves and apply this ethos to the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of our work. We investigate our mistakes with honesty and curiosity, as opportunities to learn. We move towards opportunities to grow our understanding and empathy.

Personal evolution for societal revolution

We understand we are part of an interconnected web of communities and ecosystems. We repair and strengthen the fabric of these connections through art. 

Guiding Principles

MayDay Council (MDC), a group of artists and community leaders partnered with HOBT to help design a new approach to the planning and production of MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, collaboration with community at the center.

In the Fall of 2020, after months of examining and researching the past structure of MayDay, the MayDay Council also produced a Values and Affirmations document that was shared with the HOBT Staff and Board to guide all future strategies and decision-making for the organization.

These values and Affirmations guide the Board and Staff's work and create a reference point for the work ahead. This document and the labor of MayDay Council informs our current guiding values, the mission, and priorities of the organization.

To see these values and affirmations click HERE.