Powderhorn Sanctuary

HOBT supports the Powderhorn Sanctuary and our unhoused neighbors! 

Why we’re supporting the sanctuary: It’s simple. Housing is a human right. All people deserve safe affordable housing and it is the responsibility of our government to answer the call of community members, organizers, and unsheltered people for support and resources. As an organization in the neighborhood, it’s our responsibility to join our neighbors in their call for justice.

We also want to acknowledge: the ground on which we work and create belongs to the Dakota and Anishinabe people who have been on this land for centuries. Displacement is not new to this community, it began when white settlers violently colonized this land. We echo the call “no evictions on stolen Indigenous land.”

Beloved community, we hope you will join us in supporting the Powderhorn Sanctuary, both the immediate community needs and the movement for long term housing justice.

You can expect weekly updates in our newsletter and on social media about the Sanctuary at Powderhorn Park and the needs of that space. This is one small thing we can do to align with our values of equity, connection, and creativity and our commitment to support movements for justice through the power of art. 

Follow the Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement on Facebook for the most up to date news and how to support the movement!

"The Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement seeks to provide refuge for displaced and unsheltered people impacted by COVID and the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police. We ground ourselves in autonomy, harm reduction, mutual aid, & abolition." - Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement

Image courtesy of Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement.
Image courtesy of Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement.
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