Rooted in Resource

Rooted in Resource is an online community map highlighting local businesses, community organizations, and artists in the Powderhorn and Philips neighborhoods. This is a chance for our neighbors to tell our stories in our own voices, and provide ways to come together and support each other in this challenging moment.

We encourage you to explore the map below to support these amazing businesses, partners, and artists in our community. Click the pins, landmarks, and names of community artists to learn more about how to support Phillips & Powderhorn neighborhood businesses and makers!

More about Rooted in Resource


We have been reflecting on the great need to be connecting and supporting one another during this challenging time.

And so, Rooted In Resource Community Map was born, as part of a strategy to help HOBT and our neighbors become more deeply connected and rooted in resilience, mutual reliance, and interconnection.

This is just the beginning! We’ll continue to add stories throughout the weeks and months to come.

If you’d like to be featured or nominate a neighborhood organization or artists to be featured reach out to us at [email protected] with “Rooted in Resource” in the subject line

Meet the Artist, Tori Hong!

Tori Hong

Tori Hong is a Minneapolis-based illustrator and muralist. She depicts (some of) what we eat, who we spend time with, where we commune, and what we make with our hands and hearts. Tori is inspired by her interwoven identities and her love for this world.