For Adults, Educators, and Youth

Whether through hands-on workshops or captivating theatrical productions, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre delivers exceptional learning experiences to students of all ages, abilities, and learning styles.

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Residencies in Action

Learn more about our work in the community with schools, faith communities, and more.

Our artist residencies use puppetry and mask to engage people of all ages and abilities in learning, dialogue, and expression. through the exploration of sculpture, visual art, movement, expression, music and storytelling, together we gain a deeper understanding of empathy, collaboration, and content.

Our experienced Teaching Artists use newspaper, paint, and imagination to create custom group workshops. Together we tell stories that explore and celebrate the human experience and the wonders of the natural world.

Communities we engage:

  • Schools, kindergarten - college
  • Community organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Places of worship
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Neighborhoods
  • Even entire towns!

Contact [email protected], 612-540-5385

Guiding Principles

adapted from Guiding Principles written by Bart Buch, HOBT Education Director, 2008-2019

We believe in the transformative power of art to heal and grow individuals, communities, societies, and the world.

We provide a positive, creative learning environment to encourage confidence, self-esteem, and “finding your voice” through puppetry arts.

We listen to our community, respond to their needs, and involve them as decision-makers and leaders.

We practice, preach, and provide art that is accessible and inclusive of people of all incomes, ages, races, orientations, abilities, and cultures.

We honor the deep cultural, spiritual, and ritual roots of puppetry that provide individuals with reflections of deep community values, personal meaning, and individual identity.

We excel at providing opportunities for people to create and expand community through the act of making puppet theatre.

We empower people to take leadership in telling their innately valuable stories through puppetry and masks.

We believe people are capable of professional standards of excellence in puppet theatre and strive to create high-quality processes and productions.

We create opportunities for people to present their creative work and educate the community about their perspectives.

We recognize the folk-arts apprenticeship tradition of learning that puppetry stems from, and honor the commitment to train new generations in the craft of puppetry.

We facilitate the creation of meaningful peer community to reduce the isolation of individuals from each other and their communities.