Residencies in Action

Our residencies harness the transformative power of art to heal and grow individuals and communities.

Through the exploration of sculpture, visual art, movement, expression, music, and storytelling, together we gain a deeper understanding of empathy, collaboration, and content. Check out the power of our puppetry residencies in action!

We Win Institute 

We were so honored to partner with WE WIN Institute to create puppets to celebrate Black leaders in Minnesota. The students unveiled their first puppet at Flow Northside Arts Crawl this weekend, honoring lawyer and activist Dr. Nekima Levy Armstrong!

"WE WIN Institute’s partnership with Heart of the Beast Theater has been amazing! We learned how to move hand and body puppets. And we have been making puppets of a leader who is part of our culture; someone we look up to and looks like us!"

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The Phillips Project 

From 2008 - 2018, The Phillips Project, a community-based residency,  provided an immersive puppet and mask theater experience to neighborhood youth who have limited access to arts programming. The residency served youth in HOBT's home neighborhood, reaching a highly diverse population of children through partnerships with Waite HouseLittle Earth and Project for Collaborative Village. The Phillips Project was generously funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board.

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