Coming Up at HOBT

Due to COVID-19 all programing & performances have been postponed

You can read our full COVID-19 Update here.

We hope to reschedule these performances at a later date and look forward to connecting with you digitally in the days and weeks to come!

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Coming Home to Wild: New Works on Extinction and Resilience

March 21st and 28th, 7pm

Tickets on sale now!

Coming Home to Wild reminds us: we are not the only ones wondering what wholeness feels like as the world burns.  Through music, puppet performance, and a light community meal we will strengthen our collective resistance and resilience.

Experience new puppet works by Julie Boada (Anishinabe), Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra (Maya-Lenca), and Wild Conspiracy (Elle Thoni and company) and Montana Cypress (Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida) with New Native Theatre who ask: in the face of extinction and climate catastrophe, what do our ancestors have to teach us about resilience? You are invited to join the circle as our ancestors, human and more than human, speak, sing, and soar. Encounter stories of our time that awaken rather than paralyze reminding us of the world as it truly is, in all its beauty and its pain.

All ticket income will benefit Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)

Neighborhood Night at Midtown Global Market: Free Puppet Shows for Kids & Families

Midtown Global Market is hosting six, FREE Heart of the Beast performances in the Midtown Central Court on Thursday nights during the weekly Neighborhood Night celebrations this winter.

Come for the show at 5:30pm and stay for the “Make-n-Take” workshop based on that day’s puppet show theme. You’ll leave with your own puppet creation to take home.

MayDay in Metamorphosis

We are working to recreate a more deeply sustainable, equitable, and accessible MayDay in 2021!

In the interest of the long-term value of this MayDay celebration, we are choosing to rebuild. We choose to live into a new kind of working and creating art together: one that is truly collaborative and opens up new opportunities for transformation by placing our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center and giving power to artists and leaders of color.

The first MayDay Council made up of artists and community leaders who will lead this work is currently being selected and will be announced in mid-December!

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