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Neighborhood Night Puppet Shows at Midtown Global Market


Midtown Global Market will host six, FREE In the Heart of the Beast performances in the Midtown Central Court on Thursday nights during the weekly Neighborhood Night celebrations this fall.

Come for the show and stay for the “Make-n-Take” workshop based on that day’s puppet show theme. You’ll leave with your own puppet creation to take home.

December, 12th 5:30 pm

El Zorro y El Cuy
by Gustavo Boada

El Zorro y El Cuy is performed in Spanish. We find that children love puppetry in any language! (English description below)

Este nuevo espectáculo de títeres nos hace viajar a través de los Andes peruanos, al mismo tiempo que nos presentan, las historias más populares del engañador. El CUY es un roedor de rápido pensamiento que siempre logra engañar al ZORRO hambriento. Ambos personajes encarnan los arquetipos de la supervivencia en los escarpados montañaa y los desolados valles andinos. Sus historias son infinitas, aquí el titiritero muestra las tres más conocidas. Se realiza con títeres de mano y pequeñas marionetas.

Travel through the Peruvian Andes as the puppeteers introduce the most popular trickster stories: The Fox and The Guinea Pig. The Guinea Pig is quick thinking rodent who always manages to trick the hungry fox. Both characters embody the archetypes of the survival in the rugged cliff and desolate Andean valleys. Their stories are endless, here the puppeteer shows the three most well known. Performed with hand puppets and small marionettes.

** Note the change in lineup. Way of the Monarch was originally scheduled to perform on this date. **

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Past Performances

September 12th, 5:30 pm

Martina the Cockroach, and Perez the Mouse
by Julie & Gustavo Boada

This is a bilingual version of a Cuban and Puetro Rican folk tale. Martina is a beautiful, hardworking, dancing cockroach. She longs to be asked to the dance to find her true love. Through the help of her grandmother’s secret “coffee test” she finds her ideal mate, proving that good friendship is a good basis for love. The unlikely couple marry and live a simple life, overcoming obstacles and growing together. Performed in English and Spanish.

September 26th, 5:30 pm

Monster Puppet Workshop
by Anne Sawyer

Join us for a two hour “Make-n-Take” workshop with Puppet Artist Anne Sawyer. You’ll leave with your own puppet creation to take home! We'll be making MONSTER PUPPETS, using doo-dads and found objects. Things that wriggle and jiggle and go boo!

Martina the Cockroach, and Perez the Mouse
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.58.20 PM

October 10th, 5:30 pm

On the Day You Were Born
by Esther Ouray & Julie Boada

Based on the award winning children’s book by Debra Frasier, the story explores the scientific phenomena that unfolded on the day “you” entered the world. This toy theater production combines puppetry, poetry and music that celebrate the natural miracle of the earth. The author’s radiant collage illustrations translate to a miniature stage as puppeteers open trick boxes releasing the wonders described in the book. Performed in English.

two puppeteers with family surrounded by sun and trees

October 24th, 5:30 pm

Lupita Doesn't Want to Sleep
by Julie & Gustavo Boada

This is a story about a feisty little girl who always finds a way to keep playing when it is time to go to sleep. The show highlights the joyful moments of parent-child relationships. Performed in English and Spanish.

Lupita Doesn't Want to Sleep

November 14th, 5:30 pm

Coyote Stories
by Julie Boada

In Coyote Stories, Nimisee the clown will tell some favorite trickster tales of that lovable scamp, Coyote. Drawing from the stories of the Assiniboine of the Great Plains, the Aztecs of Mexico and the Okanagun and Salishan of the Great Basin, Coyote is a hero, a creator, and a self-centered show off with a kind heart. At a time when so many things cause us to weep, Coyote brings us together, nurtures our spirit, and reminds us to laugh. Performed in English

Coyote Stories

In the Heart of the Beast uses water, flour, newspaper, paint, and unlimited imagination to tell stories that explore the struggles and celebrations of human existence. Drawing inspiration from the world's traditions of puppet and mask theatre and its lively roots in transformative ritual and street theatre, HOBT creates vital, poetic theater for all ages and backgrounds.

Midtown Global Market is an internationally-themed public marketplace offering groceries, great food and unique gifts. Midtown Global Market, owned by two non-profit entities: the Cultural Wellness Center and the Neighborhood Development Center, serves as a small business incubator whose mission is to provide access and opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Together these entities make up a dynamic community gathering place that highlights the talent, ambition and cultural assets that characterize its neighborhood, contributing to its economic and social fabric.

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