Puppet Cabaret

Next Up: Puppet Cabaret February 14th

For the love of puppets – join HOBT & friends for a Valentine’s Day Puppet Cabaret.A fail-proof Valentine's day plan sure to:
- Not impress the person you’re with
- Be more awkward than you are
- Give you a great story to tell your future grandkids (how your relationship survived such a rocky start is another story)
Masa Kawahara
Kristi Ternes
Soozin Hirschmugl
Allison Osberg
Music by Lady Xok
Projections by Madi Ballis
Because nothing says “I love you” like the faint smell of waffles, an awkward slanted floor, and people waggling cardboard around onstage.
Tickets are $12 at the door (doors open at 7:30pm
HOBT bar will be open (accepts cash & cards)Live Music! Booze! Popcorn! Waffles! Puppets?