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MayDay in Metamorphosis: MayDay Council

The function of The MayDay Council is to collectively design a sustainable and equitable path forward for the MayDay based on the information collected during the discovery phase of Imagine MayDay. 

The MayDay Council will partner with HOBT in designing a new approach to the planning and production of future MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, and collaboration.


More about The MayDay Council

Recommended Charter & Mandate

The following activities be delegated to the MayDay Council: 

  1. The MayDay Council’s primary mandate will be to design a collaboration-oriented strategic plan and business model for MayDay;
  2. The MayDay Council’s secondary mandate will be to recommend specific, culturally affirming changes to HOBT’s governance and programming models.

The MayDay Council is an advisory team to the HOBT Leadership Team that currently includes, Steve Ackerman (Site Director), Naomi Campion (General Manager), Claire Curran (Communications Director), Linnea House (Finance Director), and Corrie Zoll (Executive Director). The MayDay Council will make recommendations that will then be decided upon by the HOBT Leadership Team, and Board of Directors when appropriate. It is our intention and commitment to strive for consensus between the MayDay Council, HOBT Leadership Team, and Board of Directors. 

MDC Internal Governance & Decision Making

The internal decision-making structure for the transition team should be based on consensus; their specific mechanism will be co-created together during the first meeting.

MDC Commitment 

  • Attend a day-long retreat facilitated by Imagine Deliver to determine decision-making structure and co-create a list of action steps and a visual equity framework 
  • Meetings at most twice a month 
  • MDC will be convened through July 2021. This will allow for an evaluation of the first production and allow room for adjustments based on goals and metrics that will be decided by the MDC.

MDC Membership 

The MDC will consist of no more than 20 members committed to a two-year term. These members will demonstrate a strong desire to contribute to a future-forward and justice-oriented review and revisioning of MayDay and HOBT.

Anyone can be nominated, self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged. We especially invite nominations from the following groups:

  • Trans/Queer & IBPOC Artists. Key stakeholders from the community of artists with a varying degree of proximity to HOBT and the MayDay Celebration weighted towards Trans/Queer & IBPOC artists. These artists should have demonstrated a strong connection to the community, have some level of artistic production experience.
  • Local Leaders. Key stakeholders from non-arts related community groups/organizations (ie. neighborhood associations, business associations, local advocates for IBPOC, immigrant and/or other affinity groups working with marginalized communities)
  • Municipal Leadership. Including representation from the City of Minneapolis. It will be important to have the perspective of someone connected to the arts in a citywide capacity, as the city chooses to invest in ‘cultural nodes’. This representative should have an understanding of how future MayDay and HOBT may be supported by and incorporated into the City’s plan
  • Parks Decisionmakers. A representative from Powderhorn Park and/or Minneapolis Parks and Recreation will be crucial in contributing to future May Day/HOBT. This representative should have decision-making power and energy around possibilities for growing partnerships and collaborations outside of the Avalon, and within the community
  • Nonprofit Innovators. Representatives from other nonprofits or arts institutions adjacent to HOBT and within the Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods (i.e. Pillsbury Playhouse, Chicago Avenue Fire Arts, Bare Bones, Free Black Dirt)
  • Labor Representative. Labor has a long and important history with MayDay and HOBT’s MayDay Celebration. We want to be sure organized labor and unions shape the future of MayDay.  
  • Young People. This is a moment of handing over leadership and power to future generations. We want to ensure young peoples voices have a voice on the MayDay Council.

Compensation & Radical Hosting

Compensation for MDC members:

  • A stipend that is well above minimum wage
  • Travel costs will be included in the stipend
  • Childcare will be provided on-site as needed
  • Accessibility requirements will be met as needed
  • Culturally affirming food and beverages will be provided for each meeting.

Free Black Dirt

HOBT is thrilled to be working with Free Black Dirt to design and facilitate the MayDay Council.

Free Black Dirt is an artistic partnership formed by Minneapolis based collaborators Junauda Petrus and Erin Sharkey. Committed to creating original theatre and performance, hosting innovative events, organizing local artists, and promoting and supporting the emerging artists’ community in the Twin Cities, Free Black Dirt seeks to spark and engage in critical conversations.

Nomination & Selection Process

Imagine Deliver and HOBT will use transparent nomination and vetting process. This process includes:

  • Nomination form opens on Sep 11th and closes on October 24th 
  • If you have been nominated, you will be notified by October 25th and given the opportunity to accept your nomination (or withdraw if you are not interested)
  • All nominations will be reviewed by Imagine Deliver, Free Black Dirt, and HOBT Executive Committee and HOBT Leadership Team. Each of these groups will make recommendations.
  • Selected nominees will be invited to fill out a short application and attend an informational dinner in mid-November with fellow nominees, HOBT Staff & Board, and Free Black Dirt who will facilitate the MayDay Council
  • Final candidates will participate interview in late-November in person, or via Zoom/phone
  • The selection committee will draft a list of finalists based on recommendations. 
  • Final selections will be approved by the HOBT leadership team by early December And will be announced publicly as soon as the selected candidates have accepted their seat on the MayDay Council

The public was invited to nominate others (and/or themselves).  Nominations are now closed.

Share your Input

We want to hear your reactions, questions, and feedback.

Time To Change

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