Impact Theory of Mass Extinction: a New Work by Junauda Petrus-Nasah & Steve Ackerman

This August, Jundauda Petrus Nasah and Steve Ackerman debuted a workshop performance of their project, Impact Theory of Mass Extinction, which is expected to have a public debut in 2022.

Due to COVID-19 safety, the workshop performance was only available to a small audience, but we are excited to share images from that sweet backyard performance.

Set in 1980s South Minneapolis along the Greenway, Impact Theory of Mass Extinction explores the relationship between two young black, queer, teenage protagonists, their connection to the natural world, the science-based study of dinosaurs, and pop culture depictions of dinosaurs.

Performed by: Amm-ra Seka, Adriana Foreman, ShaVunda Brown, Ineffable Spaise, Mychal Fisher, Alexandra Young

Supported in part by the Jim Henson Foundation