Enroll Now: Heart of the Beast Puppet Club & Individual Classes Await!

🎭✨ Welcome to a World of Creativity at Heart of the Beast's Puppet Club! ✨🎭

Are you ready to unlock the wonders of puppetry with Heart of the Beast's Puppet Club? A captivating 8-week journey into the realm of imagination awaits children aged 9-13, led by our skilled puppeteer teaching artist. Join us every Tuesday from March 12 to April 30, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, for an adventure in puppetry techniques, creativity, and collaborative fun.

Why Puppet Club?

  • 🌈 Diverse Techniques: Explore shadow puppets, sand art, papier-mâché, crankies, and more!
  • 🤔 Kids in Control: Active participation in choosing what to learn and create.
  • 🌟 No Experience Required: ALL are welcome – beginners and aspiring puppeteers alike!

But what if you can't commit to the full 8-week journey? No worries! Heart of the Beast offers individual classes for $15 each, allowing your child to experience the magic of puppetry on a schedule that suits them.

Individual Classes Details:

  • 🗓️ Flexible Schedule: Choose classes that fit your child's availability.
  • 💡 Explore Your Favorites: Pick and choose the sessions that spark the most interest.

Ready to Sign Up? Here's How:

  1. Click here or visit hobt.org/puppet-club/.
  2. Register for the full 8-week Puppet Club at $90 per child.
  3. Can't commit to the full program? Sign up for individual classes at $15 each and let the creativity flow.

Join us on this puppetry adventure, where imaginations soar and creativity takes center stage. Enroll now for Heart of the Beast's Puppet Club– a journey of self-expression, artistic exploration, and lasting memories.

🌟✨ Discover the magic of puppetry at Heart of the Beast! ✨🌟

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