Adopt a Tree: Grow the MayDay Forest!

This 45 Annual MayDay 2019 holds an initiative to plant 1,035 Trees. This is an act of GRATITUDE and RECIPROCITY to honor the many gifts that trees have provided for the 45 years of Mayday—all the paper and cardboard used to build the puppets, all the slender poles that became frames for puppets, floats and flags, and all the beauty and breath the trees brought us with their Springtime glory. It is also an act of love for the HEALTH OF THE FUTURE, as this will greatly add to the “Urban Tree Canopy” for generations to come.

This initiative is to plant trees for every year of past MayDay celebrations: 1 tree for the first year, 2 trees for the second year, 3 trees for the year, 4 trees for the 4th year, etc.

Added together, this equals 1,035 trees. Yes indeed! We will be carrying these trees in the MayDay Parade and Ceremony. We would like all the trees to be adopted. 


Sign up to be a tree planter here and we will be in contact in the next few weeks!

See below for Frequently Asked Questions and instructions on how to plant and tend your Tree.

Help prep the trees for planting on May 2nd! RSVP here


You can be one of the people who will plant and tend a tree. The trees are free, a gift from the MN Department of Natural Resources. We will have native trees that are well suited for our climate.


Technical assistance and tree support provided by the Urban Forestry Outreach, Research, and Extension Lab in the Department of Forest Resources at the University of Minnesota

Sign up to be a tree planter here

and we will be in contact in the next few weeks!

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Thanks to BioBag for their donation of compost bags to protect the trees before planting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the trees native to MN?
Yes! We will have two types of trees, Coffeetree and White Spruce (limited availability). They are native to MN and well suited to our climate.

Can I have more than one tree?

Yes! You are welcome to as many trees as you can responsibly care for.

What if I don't have a house? Where could I plant a tree? 

Some ideas: family’s house/cabin, faith community, organization you support — or maybe you know folks who would like to plant a tree!

When can I pick up my tree?

You have two options for when you can pick up your tree:

  • Walk in the parade: Meet at parade lineup
  • Pick up at Ceremony: in Powderhorn Park at a designated table near the ceremony performance

How should I plant my tree?

Check out this guide from the MN DNR

How should I care for my tree?

Check out this Tree Owner’s Manual  for thorough instructions

I don’t have a place to plant a tree. Can I still be involved?

Yes! You have a few options: you can walk in the parade even if you can’t plant a tree. You can join our volunteer team and help with logistics for the parade. Not a homeowner? Plant a tree at your school, community center, faith community, etc. We encourage people to collaborate and share space so that as many trees can be planted by as many people as possible!

Tree Care and Protection

Your infant tree in the MayDay cradle has been soaked in water, dipped in a special, gel and wrapped in a compostable bag to keep it healthy during the day of MayDay. It is best if you can plant the tree that day, or the very next day. As a bareroot seedling, your tree requires constant moisture until it is planted.  If you can not actually plant it in the ground, plant it in a pot that can hold all the roots that will protect it until you are ready to plant it.

  • Young trees grow best when protected from rodent damage. Translucent plastic grow tubes are available at garden centers or online. Grow tubes should be 3-4 ft tall with vents and a rot-proof, flexible stake.

  • If installing a grow tube isn’t possible, wire mesh called “hardware cloth” can be used to create a protective “tube.” Hold the tube in place with a bamboo or fiberglass stake and close the tube with zip ties.

  • A light layer of mulch, such as wood chips, will help keep the roots moist.

  • Water your tree once per week. Skip watering if it rains.

  • Fertilizer is optional. If used, apply a slow-release fertilizer at time of planting and once per year in the spring or summer.

  • Check out this planting guide from the MN DNR and a planting video here

  • For more thorough care instructions check out this Tree Owner’s Manual  for thorough instructions

  • All trees benefit from professional care! Hire an ISA Certified Arborist® to maintain your tree when you can no longer safely do so from the ground.