The Phillips History Museum

The Phillips History Museum is a playful, interactive art installation exploring the history of the Phillips neighborhood. Created by artists from In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT) in partnership with neighborhood youth from the United Tribes of Little Earth, Waite House, and the Collaborative Village Initiative, this annual event is part of HOBT’s ongoing Phillips Project.  In 2016 The Phillips History Museum will explore themes of ‘migration’.

When: March 16, 2016  5.30 – 6.30pm

Where: The American Swedish Institute (ASI)


About the Phillips Project:

In the Heart of the Beast’s Phillips Project is in its 5th year and going strong. This year-round community based residency offers a highly effective approach to engaging neighborhood youth by centering long-term arts program activities at partner sites; Waite House, Little Earth of United Tribes and PPL’s Collaborative Village Initiative. Our intention is to provide an immersive puppet and mask theater experience to a highly diverse population of economically challenged youth who have limited access to arts programming. By providing art activities free of charge, this residency removes financial barriers to participation in the arts. The Phillips Project also seeks to reduce cultural barriers and increase relationships of the diverse youth populations and programs in our neighborhood to promote dialogue, friendship and fun.

Each year each site participates in parallel themes through site-specific art projects that focus on the expression of cultural identities and creation of dialogue with the people and places in the Phillips neighborhood. The artists will conduct workshop sessions for three hours per week during a 24-week period. During this period, youth involved will study the history of the neighborhood’s physical and social landscape and the people who have lived there, led by local historians, naturalists, community members and teaching artists. Youth participants will also observe and collect stories from the present day communities, families and individuals living in Phillips. They will use the stories to explore the cultural and physical landscape, history, and sense of place in their neighborhood.


Photo by Bruce Silcox

Phillips History MuseumPhillips History Museum