PuppetLab: Basement Creatures, Dust

PuppetLab 2015 – Week 2: Basement Creatures, Dust

HOBT’s new artist incubator PuppetLab is back, and celebrating 5 years of radical, genre-expanding, boundary-pushing work. Join us in the Avalon Theater for two weekends of experimental performance from four emerging puppeteers. The 2015 PuppetLab artists are Davey T Steinman, Lelis Brito, Jeong Ae Neal, and Shari Aronson. Curated by Alison Heimstead.

Tickets: $12
Week 1 shows are family friendly. Tickets are $8 for children 12 and under (5+ recommended).
Week 1: February 27 – March 1 at 7:30pm. Purchase tickets
Week 2: March 6 – 8 at 8pm. Purchase tickets

PuppetLab 2015 Week 1: February 27-March 1, 7:30pm

Princess Bari
Jeong Ae Neal
A Korean folktale, retold. Princess Bari is the tale of a young woman abandoned, abused, and walked to the edge of death. Then! Miraculous recovery! Resurrected and returned to the living.

Shari Aronson
A glowing magnification of mitosis, through the eyes of mother and child. This blacklight performance of cell division illuminates the true marvels happening inside us all and features music by improvisational vocalists/composers Mankwe Ndosi and Libby Turner-Opanga.

PuppetLab 2015 Week 2: March 6-8, 8pm

Basement Creatures
Davey T Steinman and Company
This wild rock opera follows the journey of a subterranean explorer. Featuring a stellar band, haunting choral voices, aerial arts, video manipulation, and puppetry peculiarities from the underworld.

Lelis Brito
A meditation on the long life of rocks and the short life of people, this movement-driven piece plunges the audience into a world of puppets, kinesthetic sculptures, an altered voice chorus, and oozing dancers.