TA-DA! Saturday Puppet Shows for Kids

The 20th Season of Saturday Morning Matinees for Kids runs from October 6 - Dec 15th, 2018!

Another colorful, affordable season of live SATURDAY PUPPET SHOWS FOR KIDS is coming! Every fall and winter, different artists perform engaging puppet shows at 10 a.m. and 12 noon.  A great alternative to screen time, these performances will delight kids of all ages! Additionally, Make ‘n’ Take workshops are offered at 11 a.m. each Saturday morning where participants create a puppet in the theme of the day’s show.

WHEN: Oct 6 - Dec 15, 2018!

WHERE: All shows in our cozy theatre lobby

*Shows on Oct 6, Oct 27th, and Dec 1 will be performed in Spanish. You’ll find children love puppets regardless of language!

Tickets are $7 suggested donation ($2 suggested donation for residents of Powderhorn and Phillips Neighborhoods) and are available at the door (no presale tickets are available).

puppet shows sidewalk sign

Puppet Making Workshops for Kids - in between shows

Come for the show and stay for the “Make-n-Take” workshop based on that day’s puppet show theme. Workshops are a family activity offered in our classroom at 11 am each Saturday morning.

$5 Children
$3 Adults

Earlier this Season:

October 6

Skeletons in the Closet - created and performed by Gustavo and Julie Boada

This bilingual puppet show is a tender story of children who are remembering their grandparents who have passed away. As the children follow their curiosity, they discover the meaning of Day of the Dead and that the connection they have with their grandparents continues beyond death. The story is a celebration of love and the cycle of life.

Performed in English and Spanish. Actuado en español y inglés.

Day of the Dead

October 13

Adventures of Little Baby One - created and performed by Daniel Polnau

That lovable trickster ‘Baby Little One’ is back by popular demand! Don’t miss this thrilling adventure through time and space and the imagination sure to enrapture and delight children of all ages!

Performed in English. Actuado en inglés.

Baby Little One and the Magic Turtle
Photo by Bruce Silcox

October 20

Loon's Song - created and performed by Julie and Gustavo Boada

As the constellations move into their spring location, Grandfather Turtle waits with anticipation for the return of his beloved granddaughter, Loon. He remembers the Ojibwe stories he told her and some of the lessons they carry that he used to guild her as she matured.  The piece is told with hand and rod puppets. It touches on Ojibwe culture and loon biology.  Music by Jim Parker.

Performed in English. Actuado en inglés.

Loon puppet by Julie Boada

October 27

Monarcas En Camino / The Way of the Monarch - created and performed by Laurie Witzkowski

The Way of the Monarch follows the spectacular metamorphosis and migration of the monarch butterfly. This beloved creature transforms from egg to larva to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly to international traveler.

Performed in Spanish. Actuado en español.


Monarch Butterfly puppet with a milkweed plant
Photo by Bruce Silcox

November 3

The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly - created and performed by Esther Ouray and Sandy Spieler

World renown puppeteer Sophie the Gorilla and personal assistant Esmerelda perform the classic song: The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

Performed in English. Actuado en inglés

Photo by Bruce Silcox
Photo by Bruce Silcox

November 10

Dream of Owls – created and performed by Puppets ‘n’ People

In Dream of Owls,  Little Theo is drifting off to sleep when he is frightened by a hooting sound. His father shows him how to overcome his fear by naming it. As Theo drifts off to sleep, he learns more and more about owls, the source of the sound, from a strangely familiar dream dragon. Will it be enough to banish his nightmare away? Dream of Owls is a show focused on owls and how to overcome your fear by learning about it.

Performed in English. Actuado en inglés.

Owl, Axe, and tree puppets with Seth Eberle

November 17

My Dinner with Superman  - created and performed by Patty Gille and company Superman attempts a dinner party with some old friends and runs into trouble with an odd eavesdropping ONNIE!

Performed in EnglishActuado en inglés.


December 1

La Cucarachita Martina y el Raton Perez / Martina the Cockroach, and Perez the Mouse /   – created and performed by Gustavo and Julie Boada

This is a bilingual version of a Cuban and Puerto Rican folk tale. Martina is a beautiful, hardworking, dancing cockroach. She longs to be asked to the dance to find her true love. Through the help of her grandmother’s secret “coffee test” she finds her ideal mate, proving that good friendship is a good basis for love. The unlikely couple marry and live a simple life, overcoming obstacles and growing together.

Performed in Spanish and English. Actuado en español y inglés.


December 8

Coyote Stories - created and performed by Julie Boada

In Coyote Stories, Nimisee the clown will tell some favorite trickster tales of that lovable scamp, Coyote. Drawing from the stories of the Assiniboine of the Great Plains, the Aztecs of Mexico and the Okanagun and Salishan of the Great Basin, Coyote is a hero, a creator, and a self-centered show off with a kind heart. At a time when so many things cause us to weep, Coyote brings us together, nurtures our spirit, and reminds us to laugh.

Performed in EnglishActuado en inglés.

Coyote Stories
Coyote Stories

December 15

Penguin in my Pocket – created and performed by Kurt Hunter Marionettes

Penguin in my Pocket tells the fun-filled and quirky tale of a penguin scientist who crash lands in the jungle when her experimental jetpack fails and how she works with an artistic monkey to find her way home encountering a sea monster along the way. It’s a solo show featuring marionettes, rod puppets, audience member puppeteers and live concertina music. The production was supported by a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Performed in EnglishActuado en inglés.

Photo by Kathy Hunter
Photo by Kathy Hunter