TA-DA! Saturday Puppet Shows for Kids

The Way of the Monarch

The Way of the Monarch

Feather and Strings

Feathers and Strings

Nalah and the Pink Tiger

Nalah and the Pink Tiger

I Dream of Owls Touring Show

Dream of Owls

Theresa Linnihan with the set for It and Git

It and Git

Loon's Song

Loon Song

The Fox and the Guinea Pig

The Fox and the Guinea Pig

On the Day You Were Born

On the Day You Were Born

Baby Doll, turtle, monster puppets by Dhann Polnau

Baby Little One and the Magic Turtle

The Untold Fable

The Untold Fable

Celebrating our 18th Season of Saturday Morning Matinees for Kids!

Each Saturday at 10am & 12pm our theatre becomes a cozy space for children and families to gather together. Designed to inspire and delight children of all ages, our Saturday morning puppet shows share stories, both big and small, from around the world. Featuring many exciting Twin Cities Puppet Artists.

WHEN: Every Saturday at 10 am and at 12 pm (noon): January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 11, 2017

WHERE: All shows in our cozy theatre lobby

$7 General Admission
$2 for Powderhorn and Phillips Residents

No reservations are necessary but seating for the shows and workshops is limited.

*Some shows are performed in Spanish, others are are performed in English. You’ll find children love puppets regardless of language!

Puppet Making Workshops for Kids - in between shows

Come for the show and stay for the “Make-n-Take” workshop based on that day’s puppet show theme. Workshops are a family activity offered in our classroom at 11 am each Saturday morning.

$5 Children
$3 Adults

Registration for workshops is recommended and can be made in advance at the 10am show or by calling 612-721-2535 the previous week.



January 7 -IN SPANISH!
Nalah y el Tigre Rosa
Nalah and the Pink Tiger

Anne Sawyer
Nalah y el Tigre Rosa se trata de una niña traviesa. Tiene muchos amigos imaginarios por todas partes de la casa, incluyendo un cerdo cantante, un ratoncito feroz, y un emú verde. Las cosas se aceleran cuando un tigre rosa del zoológico le sigue a la casa. Nalah y el Tigre Rosa es basado en un libro Nuevo
escrito por Anne Sawyer. Actuado por la autora.

Nalah y el Tigre Rosa is based on a picture book of the same title by artist, author and puppeteer, Anne Sawyer-Aitch. She drew inspiration for this story from her lively little niece. She lives so intensely in her imagination that grown-ups around her view her as a troublemaker. Things come to a head when, in addition to all the exotic animals that Nalah has “placed” in the house, a pink tiger “follows” her home from the zoo and creates havoc. The story also celebrates the joyful explosiveness of a child’s imagination.


January 14 -NEW SHOW!
Dream of Owls
Seth Eberle
Little Theo is drifting off to sleep when he is frightened by a hooting sound. His father shows him how to overcome his fear by naming it. As Theo drifts off to sleep, he learns more and more about owls, the source of the sound, from a strangely familiar dream dragon. Will it be enough to banish his nightmare away? Dream of Owls is a show focused on owls and how to overcome your fear by learning about it.


January 21 -NEW SHOW!
It and Git – Or How Change Makes the World Go Round
Theresa Linnihan
Millions and billions of years ago two cousins floated happily in a primeval ocean. Floating was about all they could do because little IT and little GIT were amoebas. But nothing can float forever. Volcanoes erupt. Oceans shift. And the cousins must change or perish.
Theresa Linnihan presents an original take on the story of evolution. Performing with a cranky, a form of primitive animation, and colorful shadow puppets Theresa invites the audience to cheer little IT and GIT
along the dangerous and miraculous path to becoming human.


January 28 -NEW SHOW!
Loon Song
Julie Boada and Gustavo Boada
As the constellations move into their spring location, Grandfather Turtle waits with anticipation for the return of his beloved granddaughter, Loon. He remembers the Ojibwe stories he told her and some of the lessons they carry that he used to guild her as she matured. The piece is told with hand and rod puppets. It touches on Ojibwe culture and loon biology. Music by Jim Parker


February 4 -IN SPANISH and NEW SHOW!
Los Compadres: El Zorro y el Cuy
The Fox and the Guinea Pig
Gustavo Boada
Este espectáculo de títeres nos hace viajar a través de los Andes peruanos, al mismo tiempo que nos presentan, las historias más populares del engañador:. El CUY es un roedor de rápido pensamiento que siempre logra engañar al ZORRO hambriento. Ambos personajes encarnan los arquetipos de la supervivencia en los escarpados montañaa y los desolados valles andinos. Sus historias son infinitas, aquí el titiritero muestra las tres más conocidas.
Se realiza con títeres de mano y pequeñas marionetas.

Travel through the Peruvian Andes as the puppeteer introduces the most popular trickster stories: The Fox and The Guinea Pig. The Guinea Pig is quick thinking rodent who always manages to trick the hungry fox. Both characters embody the archetypes of the survival in the rugged cliff and desolate Andean valleys. Their stories are endless, here the puppeteer shows the three most well known. Performed with hand puppets and small marionettes.


February 11
On the Day you Were Born
Julie Boada and Esther Ouray
Based on the award winning children’s book by Debra Frasier, the story explores the scientific phenomena that unfolded on the day “you” entered the world. This toy theater production combines puppetry, poetry and music that celebrate the natural miracle of the earth. The author’s radiant collage illustrations translate to a miniature stage as puppeteers open trick boxes releasing the wonders described in the book.


February 18
Baby Little One and the Magic Turtle
Daniel Polnau
That lovable trickster Baby Little One is back by popular demand! Don't miss this thrilling adventure through time and space and the imagination sure to enrapture and delight children of all ages!


February 25
The Untold Fable
Munir Kahar
Follow the story of Joko Lelana as he meets the Jati Wangi to find a cure for his mother. While hunting the cure he meets with the tiger, the turtle and the frog who challenge and help him on his way.
Told with Indonesian style shadow puppets


March 4 -IN SPANISH!
Los Monarcas
The Way of the Monarch
Laurie Witzkowski
El camino de la Monarca sigue la espectacular metamorfosis y migración de la mariposa Monarca. Esta querida creatura se transforma de huevo a larva, luego a oruga, luego a crisálida y finalmente a mariposa en su vuelo internacional .

The Way of the Monarch follows the spectacular metamorphosis and migration of the monarch butterfly. This beloved creature transforms from egg to larva to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly to international traveler.


March 11
Feather and Strings
Hunter Marionettes
Can an ostrich fly? Can a bluebird juggle? You'll learn the answers to these questions when the Hunter Marionettes present Feathers and Strings. An assortment of intricate marionettes are the featured performers in this delightful,
amusing and eclectic showcase. Each carefully handcrafted marionette reflects the thirty years that puppeteer Kurt Hunter has spent perfecting his craft. There's truly something for everyone, young and old.

And some NEW scenes:
The Marvelous Travelling Trunk!