2008: A New Bridge

Mayday History · Sunday May 4, 2008

A New Bridge: Infrastructure for the Future Beings

We Dedicate this MayDay:

to Stephen Feinstein

In the Heart of the Beast Theatre Board Member, who died suddenly in the prime of his life - for working tirelessly as a bridge builder for peace and justice as Director of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota.

to Waite Neighborhood House

for its exemplary work with Engaged Youth Leadership Training in our neighborhood, and for shepherding the healing of the staff and children who were in the school bus on the collapsed 35W bridge.

to the Citizens of Our Metro Communities

the ones who lost their lives, the ones who survived, the ones who were first on the scene to respond, and the ones who formed the vast network that created a safe passage for the survivors when the 35W bridge collapsed - for reminding us to love our loved ones, to be prepared for sudden change, and to unite and act with courage.

Mayday poster 2008