Episode 1 · March, 2007

Come to the Well was supported in part by grants from:

  • The National Endowment for the Arts
  • Mary H. Rice Foundation
  • Cynthia Krieg Memorial Watershed Stewardship Fund
  • Toro Foundation
  • Wedge Co-op’s WedgeShare Grant
  • Numerous contributions from individual donors.

Production Team

In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre
  • Sandy Spieler
  • Masanari Karahara
  • Malia Burkhart
  • Julie Kastigar
  • Esther Ouray
  • Laura Harada
  • Duane Tougas
  • Paul Robinson
  • HOBT administrative staff
Tomales Bay Institute
  • Rachel Breen
  • Julie Ristau
Blue Moon Video
  • Will Hommeyer

Episode 2 · Feb-Mar, 2008

Beneath the Surface was supported in part by grants from:

  • The Bush Foundation
  • Sisters of St. Joseph Partners in Justice
  • MN Dept. of Health, Environmental Health Division, Drinking Water Protection Section
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Mary H. Rice Foundation
  • Cynthia Krieg Memorial Watershed Stewardship Fund
  • Toro Foundation
  • WedgeShare
  • and many contributions from individual donors


  • Water One: D. Blake Love
  • Thirsty: Masanari Kawahara
  • Ringmaster: Esther Ouray
  • Bobo: Julie Boada
  • Uno: Malia Burkhart
  • Pepe: José Maquin Gutierrez
  • Tweet: Jessica Tweet
  • Squeak: Greg Herriges

Episode 3 – July 26, 2008

Decorate the Well in Gratitude Sponsors:

Special Thanks:

  • Minneapolis Water Works
  • Friends of a Mississippi River
  • Mayor RT Rybak
  • Blue Moon Productions
  • Hamline University Center for Global Environmental Education
  • Mary Lynn Pulscher and the Environmental Education Division of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Department
  • Stew Thornley and the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Amber Collett of Think Outside the Bottle campaign
  • Annie at Corporate Accountability
  • Twin Cities Municipal Waste-Water Treatment Facility (Pig’s Eye)
  • Norma Adam
  • John Akre
  • Cecile Bellamy
  • Bart Buch
  • Mictla Chadwick
  • Tara Chadwick
  • Nathanial Damrod
  • Lynne Derby
  • Trang Do
  • Joan Fritz
  • Elizabeth Garvey
  • Laura Harada
  • Linda Henning
  • Nick Lethert
  • Michael Mereness
  • Micah Spieler-Sandberg
  • Rose Spieler-Sandberg

We also want to thank the many people who have contributed to our work on water over the years, especially those who worked on Come to the Well, The Circle of Water Circus, and Life of HOH.

Many thanks to our project advisors:

  • Annika M. Bankston, P.E., Minneapolis Water Works
  • Gemma Bulos, International Water Networker
  • Tara Chadwick, Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc of Minnesota
  • Whitney Clark, Friends of the Mississippi River
  • Doug Freeman, Minnesota Arts and Ecology Alliance
  • Susan Gust, GRASS ROUTES of U of M;
  • City of Mpls Public Health Advisory Committee
  • Neal Hines, Civil Engineer Dept. of Limnology, Hydrology
  • Seitu Jones, Advisor of Community and Public Spaces
  • Jim Koplin, Researcher, Environmental Activist
  • Satish Kumar, Resurgence magazine, Schumacher College
  • Ken Meter, Director of Crossroads Research
  • Mark Muller, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Anil Naidoo, Council of Canadians
  • Patrick Nunnally, Mississippi River Initiative
  • Megan O’Hara, MN Arts and Ecology Alliance
  • MaryLynn Pulscher, Mpls. Parks & Recreation
  • April Rust, Project WET
  • Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra, Powderhorn Phillips Cultural Wellness Center
  • John G. Shepard, Center for Global Environmental Education, Hamline University
  • Stew Thornley, Minnesota Department of Health, Drinking Water Protection
  • Shiney Varghese, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy