Phase 2: Current Programs

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’s

For the Water

An ongoing experiential initiative of reverence and activism for Water

Water is universal, a “Commons” shared by all Life. It is the true “life blood” of the planet. Yet Water is also intrinsically personal—each one experiences water through one’s own thirst. The care of water is enacted locally yet ultimately effects the universal water systems. The understanding of our local and international Water Commons is essential for the current and future health of the world, as water is at the center of all health and wealth. Water is one of our greatest teachers of interconnection, as Water truly connects the World.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre has enacted work about Water with artful passion for over 30 years, building on layers of research. Our Water programs adapt to fit the needs of a local community: residencies for schools or colleges, an intergenerational community residency program to ignite many local volunteer participants toward on-going water activism, and touring shows for smaller audiences.

We currently offer two Water related programs:

 Water Water Everywhere!

An Intergenerational Community Performance Residency

Local participants work alongside 6 artists from In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre to create a performance rooted in the community’s experience of Water within the context of our Global Water Commons.

Education and reverence for Water is an integral part of this community building experience. Participants share ideas, histories and concerns about their local Water, then create music, masks and large-scale puppets, and learn the art of movement for large scale community performance.

The residency lasts two-three weeks, creating an excellent opportunity for local ecological groups and art groups to build lasting bonds for ongoing work toward the health of Water.

All ages are welcome—This is a unique inter-generational experience. The relationships built in the process of creating this unique ceremonial event are an on-going gift for years to come for the benefit of the community.

Are You Thirsty ?

A Touring Show available in English or Spanish

This dynamic and entertaining performance explores a myriad of questions contained in a cup of Water.

“Are You Thirsty?” examines how personal habits and consumer practices affect the quality of the Water, encouraging the joyful participation of each person in taking care of the Water.

This two person touring show is best for ages 9 and up and for audiences of 250 or less in intimate indoor or outdoor setting.

For more information on how you can participate in this project, please contact [email protected]