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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to a significant and unexpected loss in funding, in addition to the impacts of COVID-19, beginning October 12th all HOBT staff will be furloughed for three months. You can read the full announcement here. 


Why a furlough period? 

When considering ways forward, the HOBT Board held these priorities:

  • Honor our commitment to the MayDay Council and the community
  • Act with compassion and respect for staff
  • Use this moment to address long term organizational challenges and patterns and create a truly sustainable way forward.

A furlough period gives us the best opportunity to create a strong foundation for the future of the MayDay Celebration by giving the board of directors time to evaluate strategies to move us forward.

What does this mean for MayDay? 

We are committed to a fundamental shift in the way we produce MayDay: we must ensure funding before we commit staff, artists, and organizational resources to the year-long planning, production, and celebration of MayDay. Our deepest held commitment is to honor the work of the MayDay Council and ensure an equitable and sustainable future for the MayDay Celebration. That work depends on this period of rest to cultivate long term financial health and sustainability for MayDay.

What does this mean for the MayDay Council? 

As trusted advisors and community nominated representatives, the MayDay Council was amongst the first stakeholders to hear this news, and be asked for input. The MayDay Council has wrapped up their first year of landmark work, and will be invited into paid opportunities to advise and support the Board of Directors through the furlough period. MayDay Council members will be regularly updated throughout the furlough period.


What does this mean for staff?

All staff will be paid for all work to date, in addition to 100% payout of earned PTO hours, and 100% health benefits coverage for the furlough period. Staff will be updated regularly throughout the furlough period in the hopes that staff can be brought back to work in January.

What does this mean for current programming? 

Due to COVID-19, HOBT had already reduced programmatic offerings this year. Current contracts with partners and artists will be honored. We will not be taking on new projects at this time.

How will you be updating the community? 

The HOBT Board will make monthly updates to the community via our social media pages and Puppet Updates newsletter, which you can sign up for here.  

How can I help?  

Thanks so much for asking!