Tree Prep Party

Thu, May 2 2019 · 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
In the Heart of the Beast

In honor of the 45th MayDay Parade, Ceremony & Festival HOBT in partnership with the MN-DNR and UFore Lab are gifting 1,035 free trees to the community — and we need your help!

Join our partners at the UFore lab at the University of MN St Paul campus to help prepare the trees! The trees are arriving at the lab and need to be dipped in gel and bagged in compostable bags before they make it the parade line up.

You can show up for any amount of time! Please join us and spread the word.

Please park in pay lot S-106 (red square) on Upper Buford Circle ( Workshop location is in the Plant Growth Facilities, enter the front doors at Plant Growth Facilities (behind the glass sculpture) and take a left to room 174.

Technical assistance and tree support provided by the Urban Forestry Outreach, Research, and Extension Lab in the Department of Forest Resources at the University of Minnesota |

More information about the trees below:

This 45 Annual MayDay 2019 holds an initiative to plant 1,035 Trees. This is an act of GRATITUDE and RECIPROCITY to honor the many gifts that trees have provided for the 45 years of Mayday—all the paper and cardboard used to build the puppets, all the slender poles that became frames for puppets, floats and flags, and all the beauty and breath the trees brought us with their Springtime glory. It is also an act of love for the HEALTH OF THE FUTURE, as this will greatly add to the “Urban Tree Canopy” for generations to come.

This initiative is to plant trees for every year of past MayDay celebrations: 1 tree for the first year, 2 trees for the second year, 3 trees for the year, 4 trees for the 4th year, etc. Added together, this equals 1,035 trees. Yes indeed! We will be carrying these trees in the MayDay Parade and Ceremony. We would like all the trees to be adopted. Sign up to be a tree planter here and we will be in contact in the next few weeks!

You can be one of the people who will plant and tend a tree. The trees are free, a gift from the MN Department of Natural Resources. We will have native trees that are well suited for our climate.