Puppet Cabaret!

Puppet Cabaret!

Sat, October 7 2017 · 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
In the Heart of the Beast

An evening of new, short, experimental, weird, borderline ‘artistic’ puppet acts from Twin Cities artists with live music and booze. Expect a sense of “wait, what did I just watch?” mixed with a dismissive, guttural “huh?!” followed by a “I mean, I guess…” finished with a “I suppose puppets are one way to go with your life.” Anything could happen in these late-night, low brow evenings MCd by Dhann Polnau and coordinated by Steve Ackerman. As always, when puppets are involved, adult content may arise.

Funds raised will help support BareBones’ Productions as they head into their annual Halloween Extravaganza.

With live music from:
Devata Daun
The Grow Fangs

Including performances by:
Akiko Ostlund
Arwen Wilder

Quinn Rivenburgh
Paige Collette
Dallas Johnson
Patti Gille
Dirty Romance Novels

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