Gratitude Open House

Gratitude Open House

Sun, December 8 2019 · 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
In the Heart of the Beast

Gratitude Open House
Sunday, December 8th, 2-5pm

Dear Friends,

At this time of transition and change, In the Heart of the Beast Theater invites you to share food and enjoy each other’s company. We invite all current and former staff, board, volunteers, collaborators, supporters, and neighborhood participants from the many years of the theatre’s life. This gathering is sponsored by the HOBT Board as an event to honor Sandy Spieler and her four decades of artistry and leadership. Sandy was laid off last spring, and is finding new ways to move forward with her artistic career. When the planning committee asked Sandy about what she’d like, her response was:

“While many have wanted to have a special celebration for me, and I do acknowledge my history with the theatre is unique, the party is not just about my history, but all of our histories with this work that has changed our lives and our community. The importance of honoring the work is empty without honoring YOU who have built, supported and received this work. SO PLEASE COME, bring your hearts and your stories, your tears, laughter, and aspirations. We’ll have some food, and share a few words in the middle of our gathering.”

As part of this event we will be launching an “Archive Initiative”: a fundraiser to support Sandy and a team of others to do the work of documenting and updating the archives of the Theater, to properly credit work to its many artists.

This gathering is a celebration of the beauty, joy, and wonder that In the Heart of the Beast has created and supported for many decades. We hope you will join us and share this invitation with others.


The HOBT Board of Directors

Karen Brown
Malia Araki Burkhart
Victoria Cox
Claire Graupmann
Alex Haecker
Katie Peacock
Rosa Raarup
Quinn Rivenburgh
Laura Wilhelm
Corrie Zoll · Ex Officio