Chrysalis MayDay Workshops

Save the date for a virtual, safe, and deeply celebratory Chrysalis MayDay experience on May 3rd! And join in for LIVE community art-making workshops with Graci HorneIfrah Mansour, and Mike Hoyt this April.


Accessibility & Translation

Tune into Facebook live for the workshops (with ASL Interpretation).

For Spanish translation, email [email protected] Para traducciones en español ponte en contacto con [email protected]

Videos with Somali and Hmong translation will be available on the HOBT Vimeo after the workshop.

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Sunflower Seed Paper & Stamp Making with Graci Horne

Did you know the sunflower is an amazing Indigenous flower that has been utilized in many different ways by the Dakota People? Wahcazizi also known as Sunflower is a healing flower that is used both as medicine or food.

Want to be sustainable? Want to learn how to make your own seed paper? Come learn an exciting way to reduce, reuse, and upcycle in a Creative Native way. Dakota artist Graci Horne will lead a seed paper making section followed by a sustainable printmaking section.


April 18th: Supplies for seed paper making: Towels, Wax paper, window screens, Buckets, Sunflower seeds or any flower seeds, Blender, Water

Have paper soaked for at least 24 hrs for the live stream art making this Saturday from 10am to noon central time.

April 21: Supplies for stamp making: Cardboard, Cereal box, Glue stick, Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Foam sheet, Paint, Stamp pad, Markers


Watch Sunflower Seed Paper Making with Graci Horne!


Watch Stamp Making with Graci Horne!

About the Artist

Hapistinna [female given name; Dakota for third born girl] Graci Horne, was born and raised in Mnisota [Minnesota]. Her bands are the Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota people and Hunkpapa Lakota and Dakota people. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in painting, printmaking, puppet making, photography, film, and poetry.

Horne holds a degree in Museum Studies from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. Her work is defined by landscape hues and the colors of water and is often rooted in undertones of Dakota culture and social themes. Horne is an Independent Curator and works full time as a Community Artist teaching workshops to ages 5-100 years of age.

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4.28 Mike Hoyt

Chrysalis MayDay Cranky with Mike Hoyt

Join artist Mike Hoyt to create a collaborative online illustrated cranky workhop, reflecting on the stories of essential workers, seeds, germination, emergence, seeds for the future, and butterflies.

Mike's illustration will be used as a backdrop for you to interact with! You'll be invited to add on your own creations by uploading small paper puppets made at home, images, video clips, or sounds.

About the Artist

Mike Hoyt resides in the Central Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. He is an independent artist and arts administrator. His creative practice includes drawing, painting, graphic storytelling, network technology, public participation, and community land stewardship. He believes that art and creativity can serve as a critical catalyst for social and political change by; engaging people in deliberative dialogue, illuminating concealed stories, building cross-sector platforms, and advancing agency and equity.

4.25 Ifrah Mansour

Hopes in Scrolls... with Ifrah Mansour

Honoring the theme of Chrysalis, we are going to explore the unseen, the unspoken, and the unwritten transformation of ourselves right now. We will use these three phrases to capture our transformations. We will learn to make Scrolls using toilet paper or Paper towel rolls, as well as tape,  cloth and coloring markers.

We were...

We are...

We will be...


Ifrah Mansour is a Somali, refugee, muslim, multimedia artist and educator residing in Minnesota. Her artwork explores trauma through the eyes of children to uncover the resiliencies of blacks, muslims, and refugees. She interweaves poetry, puppetry, films, and installations. She's been featured in BBC, Vice, Okayafrica, Star Tribune, and City Pages. Her critically-acclaimed, “How to Have Fun in a Civil War” premiered at Guthrie Theatre and will tour this fall to Saint Paul, Saint Cloud, Rochester, and Willmar cities. Her first national museum exhibition; “Can I touch it” part of “I am Somali” premiered at Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Her visual poem, “I am a Refugee” is part of PBS’s online Film festival.