HOBT’s Public Promise

In the Heart of the Beast promises the following to HOBT Associate Artists, past and present MayDay artists, neighborhood partners, community organizations, and the community at-large:

  • An Affirming & Inclusive Process. The community engagement process, Imagine MayDay Transition Team, and future MayDay process will be built on and affirm the experience of artists and neighborhood partners. We've specifically designed this process to be led by an artist/organizer of color, with an emphasis on hearing from folks who have felt left out of HOBT's work. This process will invite you to lead MayDay into a place that truly centers leaders and artists of color, responds to the community's voice, and is stronger - and more sustainable - as a result.
  • A Community and Artist Centered Approach. We pledge to deliver a learning process that elevates the solutions of a wide range of the communities present in the neighborhoods where we do our work: Midtown Phillips, East Phillips, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods. HOBT will center our neighbors in all facets of the Imagine MayDay process including in the formation of the Imagine MayDay Transition Team.
  • A Commitment to Change. HOBT promises to take your advice, honor your experience, and embrace all possible futures for MayDay & HOBT, even the hard ones. We promise to incorporate the solutions generated during the artist charrettes to make a more equitable and accessible organization and workplace, and a truly community-owned MayDay; this will mean a significant change in who leads the work and who is represented at our table.
  • Transparent Sharing. At the beginning of this process, we chose to be as open with you as possible because MayDay has always been a gift from community to community, and you are an essential part of this work. We will continue to openly share our process, learning, data, and final plans with you.

To read our full Imagine MayDay Community Engagement plan, click here.