MayDay Council Tea & Treats

Join Free Black Dirt (Erin Sharkey, Junauda Petrus-Nasah, and Lisa Brimmer) and the MayDay Council for informal gatherings as we enter a time of metamorphosis to shape a more equitable and resilient MayDay.

Together we'll dive into:

-- The work of the new MayDay Council: Be among the first to hear what the MayDay Council is working on, be a part of the community sounding board for the MayDay to share ideas, input, and shape the future of MayDay.

-- Community art opportunities: As we envision a more equitable MayDay 2021, we'll also be offering community art engagement that will happen throughout 2020. 

-- Your questions! If you missed our public meeting, have questions or concerns about the future of MayDay, this is the time to connect in person

Due to COVID-19 Tea & Treats are postponed for the time being.

You can read our full COVID-19 Update here. 

We look forward to connecting with you digitally in the days and weeks to come!