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In January 2019, HOBT announced significant reductions to staff and programming. HOBT remains committed to its vision of building creativity, empathy, and interconnection in its core neighborhoods. HOBT’s tens of thousands of supporters want us to continue our work. We believe transformational change is possible that will lead to a more resilient future organization.

Since January 2019, we have learned a great deal and strived to share our process, and challenges, with transparency. Below are the resources and statements we have shared that have guided our work in creating a more resilient organization, and a more equitable and accessible MayDay Celebration.

Goals & Assumptions

Goals for HOBT to build an Equity Framework, to decentralize MayDay and to build a more resilient structure for the organization.

What will we build?

Our May announcement, outlining where we've been and what we hope to accomplish this summer.

Equity Statement

More about HOBT's ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Challenges of Our Field

Announcing our plans to significantly reduce staff and programming in 2019

Challenges of Our Field

Much more detailed information about the challenges we, and many mid-sized arts organizations, face.

Letter from Sandy Spieler

About her decision to step down as MayDay Artistic Director