Imagine MayDay Community Engagement

Over the summer of 2019, HOBT’s highest priority was investing in a robust community engagement process to listen deeply to the communities we work with, particularly past and present MayDay artists, artists who have felt left out of the MayDay process, Southside BIPOC artists, queer & nonbinary artists, neighborhood organizations in the Phillips and Powderhorn neighborhoods, and you, someone who cares about MayDay’s future.

This commitment is at the core of a set of goals for HOBT to build an Equity Framework, to decentralize MayDay and to build a more resilient structure for the organization.

Engagement Plan

Over the summer of 2019, the community was invite into a community engagement process to envision the future for HOBT and MayDay.

Survey Results

300 people shared why they participate in MayDay, what they love about MayDay, and what they can imagine for MayDay’s future

What will we build?

Our May announcement, outlining where we've been and what we hope to accomplish this summer.

Equity Statement

More about HOBT's ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion