Where We Are in 2021: Our Community Update Report and Videos

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Two years ago, we committed to truly self-examine, to pause, to step back, and commit to taking a different path, one shaped by our core values of equity, accountability, and transparency. Of course that work is not done, but we recognize and honor the community's need to hear what that journey has accomplished and where it's headed.

There are multiple ways to digest the information:

  1. Download part or all of the report.
  2. Watch short videos covering the report's contents. (Scroll down this page. Para versiones con subtítulos en inglés o español tambien.)
  3. Join us for free and open Zoom meetings to hear from us directly, join in community and ask questions: February 23 and March 2.

Join Us for Community Zoom Meetings

As part of our responsibility to reach as much of the community in as engaging a way as possible, we are hosting two community meetings to see each other's wonderful faces, hear more about the report and about the theater, discuss, ask and answer questions and simply be in community as much as possible. While each session will cover different aspects of the report, questions are welcome on any part of the report. Please note that all are welcome at either meeting, but we are requiring FREE pre-registration to attend. For questions or accessibility assistance, please email [email protected] or use our contact us page.

Short Videos Featuring HOBT Board Members Delivering the Community Update