A MayDay Thank You!

Thank you! You, who participated in planning meetings and attended public workshops. You, who volunteered before, during and after the parade, ceremony and festival. You, who came together with your family/friends/neighbors/community to celebrate with us! Thank you for your creative energy, your hard work, your kindness, your enthusiasm, and for being a part of an incredible, beautiful, powerful MayDay!

Didn’t get enough of MayDay?

Check out our Facebook page to see all the great parade/ceremony/festival photos (posted by you!)

City Pages has a great slide show of parade photos at The Smiles of May Day 2015 

Take a peek inside this year’s MayDay Public Workshops

Learn more about the MayDay Theme: …And Still We Rise!

Didn’t get the chance to make a donation to support MayDay?

You still can! Donate today!

mayday butterflies by bruce silcox