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Graphics by: Steve Ackerman and Erica Warren

Image Description: Graphics show a cityscape, overgrown with plants. Colorful dinosaurs emerge. Two black teens walk together in the foreground. Behind them is a train with text that says "The Impact Theory of Mass Extinction by Junauda Petrus-Nasah June 16-26, 2022 at the Avalon theater tickets on sale" 

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Image Description: A puppet baby bird, sits in its nest of odds and ends, opening and closing its mouth with a puppeteer standing behind.

Our goal is to  fund MayDay before it arrives... so we're asking the community to start "feeding" MayDay 2023 now. Feed the baby bird with your donation! Click on the link below to donate online.


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Image Description: A graphic appears with text that reads "Art for the Street: Puppet and Mask Lending Library." Text is in purple and red. A raised orange fist rises amidst text.

Heart of the Beast will begin to commission artists to craft puppets and masks for our new Puppet and Mask Lending Library: Art for the Streets! Click below to donate to efforts like this one and to sustain HOBT!

A Board Message

board statement graphic square

Image Description: A yellow-orange water color banner reads "4 fast facts about HOBT A Statement of presence and intention from the board of Directors. March 2022. In the Heart of the Beast Theatre."

HOBT's board of directors put together a quick update to explains what's new at the theatre! Click the button below to read their message.

Meet the MayDay Council: meet the MayDay Council who will partner with HOBT in designing a new approach to the planning and production of future MayDay events based on principles of equity, justice, and collaboration.  Learn More...