It takes a whole village – and then some – to put together a MayDay Parade and Festival.  If you want to plan, brainstorm, organize, fundraise, give money and/or supplies, sculpt, sew, papier-mache, staple, build, paint, cook food, usher, clean up, sing songs, play music, or dance, please join us!

Ways to Participate:

  • MayDay Public Workshops – Help build puppets for the parade! Workshops are free and open to the public. During the
    month of April, our building is transformed into a giant studio where staff artists and volunteers create the MayDay Parade.
  • Perform in the MayDay Ceremony – sign up at the MayDay Workshops to be a part of the annual MayDay ceremony. Many roles, all ages.
  • Donate Materials – keep an eye on our materials wish list.
  • Volunteer – the annual MayDay Parade & Festival draws up to 50,000 people and couldn’t happen without community involvement and volunteer help! HOBT produces this event with only a small core staff and about 160 volunteers. Your help is needed, especially on the day of the event.
  • Donate Dollars – We need support to produce this one-of-a-kind community event. You can donate online, or by sending this Donation Form through the mail.
  • Join the Free Speech Section in the MayDay Parade, a section immediately following the main theme sections of the parade. Thousands of people will line the one-mile parade route so if you have a cause you want others to know about this is the place to strut your stuff.
  • Host an Information Table – Hosting an information table at the MayDay Festival is an excellent way for an organization to raise public awareness about various issues, interests and causes.

As always, feel free to call 612-721-2535 with questions.