MayDay Friends

It takes a large and active community to create the MayDay Parade and Festival.

To all of you who planned, brainstormed, organized, fundraised, gave money and/or supplies, sculpted, sewed, pâpier mâchéd, stapled, built, painted, cooked, cleaned up, sang songs, played music, and danced:

Thank You!

HOBT MayDay tree of life bearersEvery April, In the Heart of the Beast opens its doors to our community for a month of free workshops during which the MayDay parade — floats, masks, puppets, and costumes — is built. People of all ages and walks of life work together to create one of the most beloved events in the Twin Cities.

The financial and in-kind sponsorships of businesses and foundations help us make this community endeavor possible, keeping the workshops free and open to all.

The MayDay Parade & Festival is presented in cooperation with the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Special thanks to:

  • Cordell Wiseman, Director of Community Outreach
  • Andrew Pimental, Recreation Manager
  • Elizabeth Krause, Park Director
  • and the staff of Powderhorn Park for hosting the annual MayDay Festival