MayDay Friends

It takes a large and active community to create the MayDay Parade and Festival.

To all of you who planned, brainstormed, organized, fundraised, gave money and/or supplies, sculpted, sewed, pâpier mâchéd, stapled, built, painted, cooked, cleaned up, sang songs, played music, and danced:

Thank You!

HOBT MayDay tree of life bearersEvery April, In the Heart of the Beast opens its doors to the public for a month of free workshops to create the floats, masks, puppets, and costumes that you see today. These workshops provide a rare opportunity for people of all ages and walks of life to come together and work collectively on one of the most anticipated annual events in the Twin Cities.

The financial and in-kind sponsorships of businesses and foundations help us keep these workshops free and open to everyone.

The MayDay Parade & Festival is presented with the assistance of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

Special thanks to:

  • Cordell Wiseman, Assistant Superintendent
  • Sara Ackmann, Recreation District Supervision
  • Adam Lares, Park Director
  • The staff of Powderhorn Park for hosting the annual MayDay Festival