MayDay Festival

The 41st Annual MayDay Parade and Festival: Sunday, May 3, 2015

The MayDay Festival follows the MayDay Parade and Ceremony and features music, dancing, poetry, foods, canoe rides, and more.

Support MayDay!

Collecting donations for HOBT's MayDayFor 39 years, HOBT has brought people together for the MayDay Festival. Less than one-half of the $260,000 needed to produce this one-of-a-kind event is covered by fees, ad sales and grants.

After the Parade & Ceremony, you’ll see volunteers with Donation Buckets. You can also donate at any HOBT Information or T-shirt booth. If you value and enjoy MayDay, please be as generous as you can. MayDay Depends On You!

Help Make May Day Zero-Waste!

The Heart of the Beast has a goal to recycle or compost at least 80% of what is created onsite during the festival.

Everything you purchase at the May Day Festival can be recycled or composted. Use zero-waste stations around the festival grounds for your recycling and organics. Put all plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, and clean paper into the recycling cart. Food waste including bones, soiled paper, paper plates, compostable utensils and cups go in the organics cart.

Free Hydration

Bottles of water will not be sold by vendors. Bring your empty water bottle or use a cup provided and enjoy refreshing cold water throughout the festival grounds provided by Tap Minneapolis.

MayDay Festival 2015 map