Invigorate the Common Well

Curtain painting by Sandy Spieler

Sandy Spieler

Invigorate the Common Well is an Initiative:

To inspire gratitude for Water, one of the most precious gifts of life.

To listen to the teachings of water toward the interconnectedness of all life, as it tunes our hearts and minds towards the value of “THE COMMONS”, a founding principal of the USA.

To invest our financial and imaginative resources towards “THE COMMONS” – the non-partisan, collective assurance of healthy water for all – with a faith that sustainable, healthy systems are possible within urban and rural settings.

To connect our drinking water, and all our local water practices to the Mississippi River Watershed,– to understand that our bodies, our individual practices, are literally part of the Mississippi Watershed.

To connect our local drinking water experience with the large issues facing global water quality, consumption, conservation, and ownership – that the Mississippi Watershed connects with all the Water in the world.

To conduct public art/ecology residencies throughout the region to invigorate public wells (drinking fountains) as places of meeting, of physical and spiritual sustenance while educating and engaging the public in major local and global water concerns.

To discourage the proliferation of plastic water bottles mounting up in land fills of the world.

To encourage the collective power of individual citizens toward water stewardship in everyday practices, enacting positive change upon the problems created by the accumulation of the individual actions.

On the Commons

Understanding the presence of the commons in our world makes it possible to imagine social change taking place in new ways. We rise together to claim our inheritance – of nature, culture and community. In so doing; we recognize our responsibility to safeguard this inheritance for future generations.

Here in Minnesota, at the headwaters of the Mississippi, the opportunity for leadership in re-defining our relationship to water is ripe and critical. How we share our water today with those who live downstream has ripple effects around the globe.

In our collaboration with In the Heart of the Beast, On the Commons celebrates the role of art and culture in making the commons tangible, concrete and visible. We thank In the Heart of the Beast for the privilege of working together to bring public attention to water as a commons. Across the U.S. On the Commons encourages deeper public knowledge and interest in the significance of the commons in all of our lives. You can find out more about us at: -Rachel Breen, On the Commons