La Natividad

December 13-22, 2012

The Nativity Story According to St. Matthew and St. Luke. 
La Historia de Navidad de Acuerdo a San Mateo y San Lucas

“En el nombre del cielo pedimos posada…”
“In the name of heaven we ask for a place to stay…”

This alternative holiday show combines street theatre, HOBT’s expressive puppetry, and an outdoor candle-lit procession. Much more than a straightforward enactment of the Christmas story, La Natividad unites evocative theater with an open-armed community celebration of inclusion and generosity. It has become a tradition for many in the Twin Cities who wish to push beyond the commercialism that abounds during this season and experience the essence of

La Natividad brings the Christmas story into this time and the complexity of our immediate neighborhood. Initially conceived to bring all residents of the area together, the performance is bilingual (in Spanish and English) and incorporates the Mexican holiday tradition of Las Posadas. Throughout the performance, the audience moves from place to place and becomes part of the story. Beginning at HOBT’s Theater and Mercado Central, the audience accompanies Maria and José through the streets as they look for refuge. The procession ends with a magical, puppet-filled Nativity, plus a fiesta— complete with music and food.

Presented in partnership with St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and Mercado Central.