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Close your busy intellect
Feel the Earth underneath your feet
Use all your senses
Open your heart

-Mona Smith, Dakota Media Artist

Be an Audience Guide this Christmas

Volunteer for La Natividad and get a free ticket to the show! Help guide the audience as it moves from place to place along the procession route. The Guides also pull out traffic barricades before the audience fills 15th Avenue, and return them to the curb after the procession has passed.

COMING SOON: La Natividad!

La Natividad

December 15 - 22  $23

The story of the Holy Child born in our midst. This unique event honors the Mexican tradition of La Posada. Enacted with beauty, humor, soulful live music, and an ending feast.

2017 Calendars in time for the Holidays!

These beautiful 2017 calendars feature image designs by Sandy Spieler, and all proceeds go towards In the Heart of the Beast programming. $13

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