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Donate to the Roy McBride Scholarship Fund

The purpose of this scholarship is to support the “in-depth, hands-on” training of MayDay intern artists who mirror the rich diversity of our immediate South Minneapolis neighborhood. We want to ensure MayDay is around for another 43 years, and your support of this fund will help these artists take on that responsibility!

TA-DA! Saturday Puppet Shows for Kids

January 7 - March 11, 2017

Designed to inspire and delight children of all ages, our Saturday morning puppet shows share stories, both big and small, from around the world. 10 am and at 12 pm (noon) in our cozy lobby. $2 - $7

Cellula: Dazzling Glow-in-the-Dark Puppetry

January 27 - February 5  $15 ($8 for children)

Like a bedtime story told by biologists, Cellula illuminates the marvels of cell science inside us all with puppetry and live acapella music. Co-presented with Z Puppets Rosenschnoz.

2017 Calendars for year 'round inspiration!

These beautiful 2017 calendars feature meaningful quotes, holidays of all kinds, and image designs by Sandy Spieler. All proceeds go towards In the Heart of the Beast programming. $13

Meet Our Associate Artists: we are fortunate to work with a circle of radiant Associate Artists who both inspire and carry out the many programs and projects of our theatre. Learn More...